There's Gold in Seawater!! Can We Extract It?

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Reactions Science Videos | November 10, 2021

The ocean has about 20 million tons of gold in it — that’s around 700 TRILLION DOLLARS worth of gold! In this episode of Reactions, we explore how, for over a century, people have struggled to collect it. And we see if, where they failed, we can succeed.

Gold in seawater

Is there gold in the ocean?

There’s gold in seawater but we can’t get to it

New England Gold Hoax of 1898: Greed Meets Moxie

Extraction of gold from seawater

Patent design for extracting gold from seawater

'Sunbeams from cucumbers': an early twentieth-century gold-from-seawater extraction scheme in northern New South Wales

Prescott Jernegan and the Gold from Seawater Swindle

Chemistry: Mining the Sea

Scientists invent method to extract gold from liquid waste

$771 Trillion Worth Of Gold Lies Hidden In The Ocean: Good Luck Getting It

Germany’s Post-World War I Scheme to Extract Gold from Water

Science: Gold in sea water – not enough to get rich

Diving into the History of Seabed Mining

Rapid, Selective Extraction of Trace Amounts of Gold from Complex Water Mixtures with a Metal–Organic Framework (MOF)/Polymer Composite

Metal-organic framework

Uranium removal from seawater by means of polymeric fabrics grafted with diallyl oxalate through a single-step, solvent-free process

Optimizing and evaluating the operational factors affecting the cyanide leaching circuit of the Aghdareh gold processing plant using a CCD model

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