Anhydrous ammonia: The gas that provides (almost) all of our food

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Reactions Science Videos | February 23, 2022

Anhydrous ammonia can cause headline-grabbing disasters, but it’s also responsible for 50% of the food on your table. It all boils down to nitrogen and the process of turning the inert dinitrogen in our air into useful fertilizer. In this Reactions video, we explore the science behind this absolutely vital molecule.

On May 11, 1976, an ammonia truck disaster killed 7 Houstonians and injured nearly 200

Minot train derailment kills one, injures dozens

Anhydrous Ammonia Chemical Release — Lake County, Illinois, April 2019

U.S. Anhydrous Ammonia Plants have Averaged more than One Accident a Week for 16 Years

Ammonia As a Refrigerant: Pros and Cons

Frequently-Asked Questions about Anhydrous Ammonia

Crop Nutrition - Nitrogen

Understanding the Hydrogen-Bonded Clusters of Ammonia (NH3)n (n = 3–6): Insights from the Electronic Structure Theory

The nitrogen cycle

Towards Energy Efficient and Atom Economical Chemical Cycles for Nitrogen Fixation

Guano war on Peru's Chincha Islands

Overview of the Haber-Bosch Process

Hydrogen Production: Natural Gas Reforming

Haber-Bosch process

Advanced Catalysts Development for Small, Distributed, Clean Haber-Bosch Reactors

Nitrogen Fertilizer: Agricultural Breakthrough--And Environmental Bane

Nitrogen Fertilizer: Agricultural Breakthrough--And Environmental Bane:

Extant liquid NH3 pipeline and storage terminal network

U.S. Ammonia Production

How Much Does Elephant Weigh Metric Tons?

The Facts About Ammonia

Is ammonia the fuel of the future?

Ammonia Safety: Top Ten Things You Should Know

Sharing chemistry with the community: The solubility and alkalinity of ammonia

Anhydrous Ammonia: (SDS) Safety Data Sheet

The Facts About Ammonia - Part 2

Anhydrous Ammonia: (SDS) Safety Data Sheet

Ammonia - Vapour Pressure at Gas-Liquid Equilibrium

How to Handle Anhydrous Ammonia

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