What is an Electron?

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Reactions Science Videos | January 21, 2022

When it comes to electrons — one of the fundamental building blocks of all matter — there are lots of unanswered questions. How big are they? What are they made out of? What … are they? In this video we take a crack at answering the most basic, and yet perplexing, questions about some chemists’ favorite particles.

Interview with Michael Peskin Ph.D.

How to Film an Electron: the Chemistry of the Improbable

E=mc2: Einstein's equation that gave birth to the atom bomb

Improved measurement of the shape of the electron

Breaking a dative bond with mechanical forces

Researchers measure the breakup of a single chemical bond

How Did People Find the Fundamental Charge With Drops of Oil?

Breakup of a single chemical bond measured

High-speed atomic video Single molecules captured on video at an unprecedented 1,600 frames per second

Electron Mass Predicted From Substructure Stability in Electrodynamical Model

Sodium Chloride, NaCl

Quan­tum Me­chan­ics for En­gi­neers

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