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Sustainability in Anaheim

Chemistry of Natural Resources is the theme of the Spring ACS National Meeting in Anaheim, CA, and the program is rich with sessions that will bring you up to date with the latest green chemistry research. The program was organized by Ann-Christine Albertsson, editor-in-chief of BioMacromolecules and research leader at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Albertsson’s research has focused on green chemistry for many years, and she brings passion to this meeting. Just take look at the various symposia and events. All of the divisions and committees are bringing green chemistry to this meeting.

Beginning Sunday morning, you can participate in the six-part Anselme Payen Award Symposium “Polysaccharides for Sustainable Chemistry”, which focuses on a variety of modifications and applications of polysaccharides. The Division of Cellulose and Renewable Resources is offering numerous sessions on natural and sustainable resources.

The Committee on Environmental Improvement presents the Sustainability Education Award Symposium on Sunday afternoon. This year’s presenters emphasize that important lessons about sustainability can be taught to and practiced with students of all ages.

Later on Sunday afternoon, the Plenary Session: Chemistry of Natural Resources features Nobel Laureate Harold Kroto, Björn Åkermark, Stephen Kelley, and Piet J. Lemstra, who will present sophisticated applications ofsustainable chemistry.

Richard P. Wool of the University of Delaware is the 2011 winner of the ACS Award for Affordable Green Chemistry. The symposium in his honor is on Tuesday morning. His paper is titled “Affordable Polymers and Composites from Renewable Resources”.

Not only will you find programs on green and sustainable chemistry from the obvious divisions and committees, such as the Committee on Environmental Improvement and the Division of Environmental Chemistry, but also from the Division of Chemistry and the Law, the Division of Fuel Chemistry, the Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, and the Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry. A search of the technical program for “sustainable chemistry” and “green chemistry” scored almost 500 hits.

No matter your field, specialty, or interest, the Spring National Meeting has a program for you. Check out the technical program, and plan your visit using the itinerary planner!