Involve Your Local Section

ACS’ local sections across the country allow members to connect with other chemists and chemical engineers in their area, participate locally in programs to enhance professional development, and contribute to the public's understanding of chemistry in their community.

Visit Chemistry Ambassadors for tools and tips to get involved in spreading the word about chemistry’s role in creating a sustainable future. Chemistry Ambassadors can get their local sections to participate in the following activities:

  • Chemists Celebrate Earth Day
    A suite of events, contests, and educational resources to enhance public awareness of important contributions made through chemistry in preserving our planet and improving our environment.
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  • National Chemistry Week
    A thematic, community-based annual event that unites ACS local sections, businesses, schools and individuals in communicating the importance of chemistry to our quality of life.
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  • Local Section Public Relations
    Promote programs and activities to media contacts and to your community. The ACS PR Guidebook includes information on preparing media materials, reaching media contacts, and developing important messages for local section activities.
  • Local Section Government Affairs
    You and your local section members have a voice in sustainable policy decisions. Communicate to policymakers chemistry’s role in solving global challenges by becoming a member of Act4Chemistry — ACS’ legislative network — and joining or starting a Government Affairs Committee (GAC) within your local section.

Your local section could receive a grant to enhance the chemical community’s awareness of and response to sustainability challenges!