Speak Simply about Your Job

As a chemist, you understand that chemistry is all around us. As a Chemistry Ambassador, you see opportunities to talk about chemistry all around you, too.

Chat up chemistry.

No matter where you go or who you’re talking to, you have a chance to improve someone’s understanding of your profession. Whether at a neighborhood barbeque or a cocktail party, or when discussing current events with a non-scientist, there’s bound to be an opportunity to shine a positive light on your profession.

Everyday conversations are great opportunities to shape others’ perceptions of who chemists are and what chemists do. And there’s no better spokesperson for chemistry than you!

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How can you speak simply about chemistry?

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Real Conversation Starters

“I’m a chemist and I’m discovering how drugs in our water are affecting the growth of our crops.”
- Kyle Butzine, ACS Student Member

Write your own quick and simple job description that non-scientists can appreciate. Learn how.