Share Why You’re Proud to Be a Chemist

Chemistry is exciting and meaningful. Chemists work on complex challenges to improve people’s lives through better medicines, cleaner technologies and safer materials.

How did you choose a career in chemistry? What’s exciting and interesting about performing research? Did you ever have an “ah-ha!” moment? Why does chemistry captivate you? Who is the chemist who inspired you ask difficult questions and motivated you to explore the world through science?

Share your story with others. You’ll gain someone’s appreciation for your work, and you may even inspire a future chemist.

“Chemistry is always trying to improve what is already known
and is constantly trying to find new knowledge, new discoveries that improve and transform the quality of life. Through new discoveries and a better understanding of what is affecting our quality of life, including health, the environment and energy, chemists have sought and will continue to produce solutions to all these problems.”
- Ingrid Montes, ACS Member

“The most rewarding aspect of chemistry is the possibility it gives for us to exert our creativity. The synthesis of a new compound or the improvement in an existing technology requires a lot of creativity. I am proud to be a chemist because I know that chemistry can help humankind solve many of our problems, such as global warming, diseases, energy and many others.”
- Claudio J.A. Mota, ACS Member

“I don’t know of many disciplines that open up the world
the way chemistry does because it touches everything. I would be hard pressed to think of something where chemistry isn’t playing a role in the advances that we benefit from today ─ from breakthroughs in medicine, to nutrition, to more sustainable energy sources, to personal care products, to biodegradable packaging, and so on.”
- Mary Carmen Gasco-Buisson, ACS Member

“We have to think in terms of the great promise of chemistry
in the future. We must continue building on the success of all scientists to cure disease and do other things that will help all of us as human beings, not just in the United States, but throughout the world.”
- Tom LeBon, ACS Member

"I am proud to be a chemist
. Chemistry has done more to reduce the death rate and improve the quality of life than has any other profession. In the 70 years between 1920 and 1990, life expectancy in the U.S. increased 50%, much of that increase due to the discoveries of chemists and to products of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Chlorine disinfection of water has virtually eliminated cholera and dysentery in Western countries. Insecticides control and eliminate debilitating tropical diseases. Fungicides and artificial fertilizers allow farmers to feed an Earth that long since would have starved, condemned to a Malthusian catastrophe. Polymers clothe and house us. Catalysts make usable the energy that transports and warms us. Refrigerants free us from daily shopping, minimize food spoilage, and facilitate productive settlement in warm climates. Contraceptives have changed forever women's lives. Medicinal chemicals improve the quality of life for the infirm, and often make the difference between life and death."
- Paul Walter, former ACS President

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ACS President-elect Joseph Francisco, member Jeanne Pemberton and ACS Executive Director & CEO Madeleine Jacobs, in 2009.
Linda Wang (C&EN)

“Chemistry is all about new materials, new reactions, new catalysts, new structures. Anything that leads to a dramatic transformation in how we live depends on chemistry to at least some extent.”
- George Schatz, ACS Member