Chemistry Ambassadors: Adult Education and Outreach

Are you interested in sharing your enthusiasm about chemistry and your profession with members of your community? Are you interested in starting a public forum for conversations about chemistry and related sciences, and how they impact your community?

The Chemistry Ambassadors program has resources for you! Learn how to establish connections with local groups, prepare and present effectively, answer questions from your audience, and more.

Outreach programs aimed at adult audiences

Science Cafes – Science cafés provide a relaxed, open venue for nonscientists and scientists to discuss current topics. By hosting a science café, you can help promote scientific literacy within your local community.

National Chemistry Week – Annual event that unites Local Sections, businesses, schools, and individuals in communicating to their communities the importance of chemistry in every-day life.

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day – An environmental awareness campaign focusing on chemistry, held annually on Earth Day, April 22.

Media Outreach – From local section activities to breakthroughs accompished by chemists in your town, there are many great chemistry stories that your local media may want to cover. 

Resources to help you get started:

  • Tips for Events in Public Venues – Get ideas for groups to reach out to, and tips for making contact
  • Presentation Tips for Adult Audiences – Review ideas to help you be prepared and give a great presentation, such as how to conduct yourself during your presentation with presentation tips and guidance for how to handle difficult audience questions
  • Speak Simply – Everyday conversations are great opportunities to shape others’ perceptions of who chemists are and what chemists do. And there’s no better spokesperson for chemistry than you!

“I believe that it is important for chemists and scientists to interact with the community so that the public sees science in a more positive light.” 

Jessica Rabuck
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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