Localizing Your Presentation

The best way to ensure success with your audience is to put yourself in their place. What would they like to know about the particular subject of your presentation? How it might affect them personally? Here are some points to consider to localize your presentation:

  • Introduce yourself as a member of the community and emphasize your local connections. Provide personal information that the audience can relate to. This greatly increases audience receptivity.
  • Provide local examples of community members who are chemists. For example, chemical scientists work at the local hospital, in the crime unit of the police department, at the water sanitation department and as teachers in local schools and colleges.
  • Provide local economic impact examples. If there is a well-known chemical company in your community, contact the public information office for data about the products they sell, the number of chemical scientists they employ and the financial contribution they provide to the community. Better yet, if you work for such an organization, use data related to your company. It’s more personal and provides you with an opportunity to talk about what you do.
  • Give concrete examples from daily life that illustrate specific personal benefits of chemistry that your audience will understand.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask them to identify professional or personal relationships with chemistry. They may provide you with just the launching point you need for an engaging conversation.

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