Organizing a Science Café

If you are looking to plan an activity for your local section beyond just the regular monthly meeting, consider organizing a Science CafÉ and advertising it to the public. Help to promote scientific literacy among local citizens while invigorating your local section. Stimulate thinking among nonscientists about questions of the day that have a scientific underpinning.

Grants for Science CafÉs and more information are available from the Committee on Local Section Activities is available. Visit their website to find out more.

Chemistry Ambassador Spotlight

Puget Sound Science Cafés

In early 2009, the Puget Sound Section decided to start a science café to bring to their area thoughtful, live conversations about science for the general public. Using proven techniques, they have created an exciting program series that is well-attended by their local community.

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Have you started up a Science CafÉ in your community? Or are you interested in starting one for your area? Ask questions and find tips.

Photo by Dr. Dharshi Bopegedera
Puget Sound Local Section, ACS