Chemistry Ambassadors: Support Students and Schools

As a chemist, you are in a unique position to help students learn about and love science. After all, you enjoyed learning science so much that you chose to devote your career to it!

Advance science education – in any way that you can!

Help teachers you know by introducing them to ACS’s outstanding educational materials for all ages, or become a classroom resource and lead a chemistry demonstration at a local school. You can share your passion for chemistry with youth outside of the classroom at community science events, scouts meetings, kids’ birthday parties and more.

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What would you like to do?

Introduce Teachers to ACS Resources – Share ACS’s leading chemistry education materials with teachers, students and others. 

Become a Classroom Volunteer – Partner with a teacher or school to present an age-appropriate chemistry lesson, demonstration or lab.

ACS resources for students and teachers

  • Student Resources – Introduce K-12, undergraduate and graduate students to experiments, activities, magazines and other resources. Resources are listed by grade level and include experiments, activities, games and more. 
  • Educator Resources – Share these teaching guides and resources designed for teachers and parents of K-8 students.
  • Resources from AACT – The American Association of Chemistry Teachers provides a variety of recommended resources for teachers of chemistry.
  • College to Career – Introduce students to the career opportunities available within the world of chemistry.
  • Podcasts – Chemistry video and audio podcasts for all ages.
  • Scholarships – Connect high school and college students in the chemical sciences with funding resources from ACS.

"Most of the time we get children accompanied by their parents or grandparents... And sometimes there are teachers that come. I love that, because then I can tell them about ACS’s fantastic array of education materials.”

Lydia Hines
Kalamazoo, Michigan

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Become a classroom volunteer

If you would like to become a resource for your child’s teacher or a local school, follow these steps to plan age-appropriate, meaningful and safe activities.

Remember: Whenever you visit a classroom, consult Science Safety Guidelines to incorporate safe practices into your teaching curriculum. 

  • Plan Your Classroom Visit – Before you pull out your goggles, you’ll need to do some research to connect with a teacher and present a lesson plan that supports the school’s curriculum.
  • Presenting to Young Audiences – When you speak with kids about chemistry, try to remember to interest them in science while speaking in their terms.
  • ACS Science Coaches  Chemists who volunteer with an eligible teacher for the school year support student learning in chemistry. Your participation can earn a participating teacher a $500 grant. 

If you haven’t worked with students before, you may want to work with someone experienced in the classroom, so check with your local section of the ACS to see if others are already volunteering in schools.

"Your time and efforts will be rewarded. You and the students will learn. What’s better, as professionals, we can help to inspire science and chemistry. There is no better feeling.”

Emil Lozanov
Detroit, Michigan

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