Introduce Educators to ACS Resources

It’s as Easy as Sending an Email

In only a few minutes, you can introduce the resources of the world’s largest scientific society to science teachers, schools and students in your community. Chemistry Ambassadors makes it simple with sample email messages and listings of the many resources ACS has for educators. Download the sample messages below to introduce ACS resources to key education audiences and send them to an educator near you.

This fall is a great time to send a letter to high school science teachers and guidance counselors letting them know about the ACS Scholars Program, which provides funding for minority students who study chemistry-related fields.

ACS Resources for Educators and Students

Spread the word about these helpful and free or low-cost resources for elementary, middle and high school teachers.

  • K-8 Education Resources – Share these teaching guides and resources designed for teachers and parents of K-8 students.
  • High School Education Resources – Introduce high school science teachers to classroom tools and student chemistry programs.
  • Meg A Mole Interviews – Help younger children understand how individual chemists help to improve the world.
  • College to Career – Introduce students to the career opportunities available within the world of chemistry.
  • ACS Scholarships – Help high school and college students in the chemical sciences find funding resources from ACS.
  • ACS Podcasts – Chemistry podcasts for all ages, including Bytesize Science, Global Challenges and Science Elements.

If you have more time, reach out to a local school teacher to become a classroom resource, or work with youth outside of the classroom.

Contact Us

Do you have tips on how best to introduce teachers to ACS resources? Are there other resources you’d like to share with Chemistry Ambassadors?

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Student volunteers received copies of The Merck Index from members of the California Section of the ACS. There are many ways to provide lasting gifts to students in your area.