Sample Demonstrations and Safety Guides

ACS and its members have created numerous demonstrations and other resources for student presentations. Use these ideas, or create your own activities.

  • ACS Kids & Chemistry Activity Kids
    These experiments have been tested in the classroom by ACS members and student affiliates and optimized for teacher-friendliness, safety, student interest, and ease of use
  • Science for Kids activities
    Providing detailed instructions, worksheets, discussion topics and safety information, these activities are organized by subject to help you find the right activity for the age and curriculum of the students (grades K-8)
  • ChemShorts for Kids
    Over 100 child and family friendly activities created by Kathleen A. Carrado of the Chicago Section of the ACS
  • Your Career in Chemistry
    This sample PowerPoint for high school students introduces career paths in chemistry

Safety Guides

Follow Science Safety Guidelines to help you incorporate safe practices into your activity. Use these resources to help you plan a safe and educational presentation.

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Kids & Chemistry Kits

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