Informal Education with Youth

You can share chemistry with students outside of the classroom. A child’s birthday party, an after school program, a scout event, a demonstration at a local library, and a community expo are all great opportunities to introduce chemistry to young people.

Age-appropriate activities:

If you’re planning a small, private event like a birthday party or a scout meeting, you can easily incorporate a chemistry experiment or demonstration. Select from a list of safety tested activities, and then prepare a hands-on experiment that is appropriate for the age of the kids you will be working with.

Adventures in Chemistry – These activities provide detailed instructions, worksheets, discussion topics and safety information to help you teach for the age and curriculum of the students (grades K-8). – Lesson plans, classroom activities, and background science information (grades 6-8).

High School Chemsitry Education – Articles, lessons and other activities designed for chemistry learning (grades 9-12).

Remember: Whenever you plan an experiment as part of your outreach, consult Science Safety Guidelines to incorporate safe practices into your activity. 

Supporting resources:

“There’s that sense of wonder, that sense of awe, that comes from doing hands-on science. And I very much consider myself to this day to be a hands-on scientist. There’s something fundamentally cool about it, and this is a chance to share that.” 

Graeme Wyllie
Moorhead, Minnesota

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