Chemistry Ambassadors: Talk with Lawmakers

As a Chemistry Ambassador, you can lend your voice to policy decisions that affect the chemical enterprise on the local, state and national level. You can meet with elected officials to discuss policies that affect chemists in your community. And you can play a role in making decisions about science and math education, federal research budgets, innovation and competitiveness initiatives, and much more.

Advocacy programs

Act4Chemistry – The easiest way to lend your voice to ACS's federal policy advocacy on issues like science and math education and federal research spending. By signing up, you will receive alerts when legislation is pending. And with a simple click, you can send form letters to elected officials in your area.

ACS Public Policy Fellowships – A unique opportunity for ACS members to gain practical experience and insights into public policy by working on Capitol Hill or at ACS in Washington, D.C. Fellows may be newly-graduated Ph.D.s or experienced professionals.

Policy resources

  • Science Information for Policy Makers – ACS serves as a neutral and credible source of scientific information for members of Congress and their staffs. Introduce these resources to elected officials, or educate yourself on scientific policy information.
  • ACS Positions on Policy Issues – ACS is committed to addressing national and global challenges such as economic opportunity, energy and water availability, and environmental sustainability through the appropriate application of chemical science and engineering. 
  • Tips for Meeting with Elected Officials – A resource sheet for scheduling meetings with elected officials in your area, preparing talking points for discussion, and conducting yourself during meetings. 

“Ultimately we have these big questions of the day that depend on science. They are scientific questions that become policy questions. If policy is being set, we’ve got to participate.”

Alex Madonik
Berkeley, California

Read Alex's story.

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