Chemistry Teacher Program

Details about the Fall 2021 Chemistry Teacher Program will be announced soon!

Registration for ACS Fall 2021 is open!

Cost for K-12 Teachers (ACS Member): $99 (hybrid) or $49 (virtual)

Cost for K-12 Teachers (Non-Member): $199 (hybrid) or $149 (virtual)

ACS National Meeting Information

Learn more about ACS Fall 2021 here.

What teachers have enjoyed about past programs

"This workshop gave me concrete ideas that are easily integrated into my classroom"

"I am a pre-service teacher and this was so helpful and interesting and has really increased my passion - Thank you so much for letting me attend!"

"Helped me see that sometimes a good, cohesive lecture can relay the ideas together and spark a sense of wonder that could drive more self-led learning, particularly when followed by a relevant hands-on activity."

Have questions about the chemistry teacher program? Contact AACT.