New Faculty Workshop

2023 New Faculty Workshops (in-person)

Three New Faculty Workshops are tentatively scheduled for 2023:

  • A summer New Faculty Workshop will be held at ACS in Washington, DC.
  • A fall New Faculty Workshop will be held at a regional meeting.
  • A Two-Year College New Faculty Workshop is being developed for early summer at ACS.

Applications for the New Faculty Workshops will open in early February. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for eligibility information and other common question.

Participants in a large conference room raise their hands and engage in the workshop activities.

The New Faculty Workshops focus on sharing and developing essential skills that faculty need to successfully navigate the early years of their research and teaching careers. There is a strong emphasis on implementing active learning strategies in the classroom.  

Since 2012, more than 680 chemistry faculty have attended the New Faculty Workshops.

This is a competitive application process, and we are limited in the number of participants we can invite to attend these events. This workshop is intended for faculty in the first three years of their first tenure-track or fixed-term position, and preference will be given to faculty in chemistry departments or who clearly demonstrate research and teaching within chemistry. More senior faculty may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Quality teaching is universal across a variety of institutions, and faculty from both two- and four-year institutions are encouraged to apply. However, a new workshop specifically addressing the unique aspects of teaching at two-year colleges is planned for Summer 2023. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for additional eligibility details.

Workshop topics include:

  • Implementation of evidence-based teaching practices in the classroom
  • Integrating teaching and research
  • Mentoring, community building, and networking
  • Effective time management
  • LIMITED focus on funding and grant management
Group photo of 2022 New Faculty Workshop participants and facilitators in front of ACS headquarters
2022 New Faculty Workshop in Washington, DC.
Christine Brennan Schmidt

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The Cottrell Scholars Collaborative is a network of academic scientists who are past recipients of the Cottrell Scholar Award given out by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement.

Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA) is a foundation providing catalytic and opportunistic funding for innovative scientific research and the development of academic scientists.

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