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CCEW 2024 Get a Charge out of Chemistry

Find educational resources for this year's Chemists Celebrate Earth Week theme and other materials for your event, including outreach activities, activities, articles, and videos.


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K-8 Resources

Related to the CCEW 2024 theme of batteries and their role in making renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydropower successful.

Adventures in Chemistry
  • Metals—They’re Electrifying
    Find out whether aluminum foil, a popsicle stick, and a metal coin can conduct electricity.
  • Great Electron Ripoff
    Explore static electricity between two pieces of tape and between a balloon and a piece of a plastic grocery bag. 
From Middle School Chemistry: Big Ideas about the Very Small
  • Carbon Dioxide Can Make a Solution Acidic
    Students will be able to explain that carbon dioxide from any source reacts chemically with water to form carbonic acid. They will also be able to use the color changes of universal indicator to monitor the changing pH of a solution during a chemical reaction.
  • Natural Resources & Synthetic Materials
    Students will be able to find and analyze information to describe that chemical processes are used to convert natural resources into synthetic materials and products. They will also be able to give examples of how the production of synthetic products has impacts, both positive and negative, for society.
  • Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons (Simulations and Videos)
    Try the interactive animations to learn the basics about protons and electrons. Then do a couple of static electricity experiments to see what happens when you give or take electrons from an item. 

Classroom Resources

From the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT)

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High School:

Middle School:

Elementary School:

Additional Resources
  • Ice Tray Battery
    Use vinegar, zinc-coated nails, and copper wire to light a small LED bulb.

K-12 Contests - UPDATE

Illustrated Poem Contest - As part of every CCEW celebration, ACS sponsors a national illustrated poem contest for K-12 students. To participate, contact your local section CCEW Coordinator.

Celebrating Chemistry (Ages 9–12)

Celebrating Chemistry helps children ages 9-12 develop an interest in chemistry. This magazine contains articles, activities, and games, and is available in English and Spanish.

    Preview the Build-a-Battery Workshop: Explore Electrolytes Activity

    Vimeo ID: 923041463

    Celebrating Chemistry Past Issues

    View the full list of past issues of Celebrating Chemistry:

    • NCW 2013 Energy: Energy – Now and Forever!
    • CCEW 2015 Atmosphere: Climate Science—More Than Just a Weather Report 
    • CCEW 2011 Energy: Energy—It’s Everywhere

    AACT Lesson Plan Contest for K-12 Teachers

    AACT is excited to offer a content writing opportunity! We invite K-12 teachers of chemistry to submit a lesson plan idea related to the CCEW 2024 theme, Batteries: Get a Charge out of Chemistry. 

    Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis through March 25, 2024, with multiple winners selected. Winners will earn $300 and a CCEW goody bag for their participation. Learn more and enter today!

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