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Celebrating Chemistry helps children ages 9-12 (Grades 4-6) develop an interest in chemistry as they learn about its relevance to their lives, connection to what they are learning in school, and role in the issues they care about. 

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Past Issues of Celebrating Chemistry

National Chemistry Week Editions

Year – General TopicThemeVersions
2023 Medicinal ChemistryThe Healing Power of Chemistry• Digital Version • In English • En Español
2022 FabricsFabulous Fibers: The Chemistry of  Fabrics• Digital Version • In English • En Español
2021 Reaction RatesFast or Slow ... Chemistry Makes It Go!• Digital Version • In English • En Español
2020 Glues and adhesivesSticking with ChemistryDigital Version • In English • En Español
2019 MetalsMarvelous Metals• In English • En Español
2018 Outer Space
Chemistry is Out of This World
• In English • En Español
2017 GeochemistryChemistry Rocks
• In English • En Español
2016 Forensics
Solving Mysteries Through Chemistry• In English • En Español
2015 Colors, Pigments, and DyesChemistry Colors Our World• In English • En Español
2014 Candy ChemistryThe Sweet Side of Chemistry: Candy• In English • En Español
2013 EnergyEnergy—Now and Forever• In English • En Español • Em Português
2012 NanotechnologyNanotechnology: The Smallest BIG Idea in Science• In English • En Español • Em Português • En Français (extrait) • 在中文(节选)
2011 EnvironmentWater in Our World• In English • En Español
2011 MaterialsLiving in a Materials World• In English • En Español
2011 HealthChemistry—Our Health, Our Future• In English • En Español
2010 Special EffectsBehind the Scenes with Chemistry• In English • En Español
2009 Periodic TableChemistry—It’s Elemental• In English • En Español
2008 MaterialsHaving a Ball with Chemistry• In English • En Español
2007 CareersThe Many Faces of Chemistry• In English • En Español
2006 MaterialsYour Home—It’s All Built on Chemistry• In English
2005 MaterialsThe Joy of Toys• In English
2004 HealthHealth and Wellness• In English
2003 EnvironmentEarth’s Atmosphere and Beyond• In English
2002 Soaps and DetergentsChemistry Keeps Us Clean• In English
2001 MaterialsChemistry and Art• In English
2000 CookingGet Cooking With Chemistry• In English
1999 Polymer ChemistryA Global Salute to Polymers• In English
1998 Pigments and DyesWorld of Color• In English
1997 Chemistry is EverywherePlanet Chemistry• In English

Chemists Celebrate Earth Week Editions

Year - General Topic
2023 AlgaeThe Curious Chemistry of Amazing Algae• Digital Version • In English • En Español
2022 Insect ChemistryThe Buzz About Bugs: Insect Chemistry• Digital Version • In English • En Español
2021 Reduce and ReuseReducing Our Footprint with Chemistry• Digital Version • In English • En Español
2020 SustainabilityProtecting Our Planet through ChemistryDigital Version • In English • En Español
2019 PaperTake Note: The Chemistry of Paper• In English • En Español
2018 OceansDive into Marine Chemistry• In English • En Español
2017 AgricultureChemistry Helps Feed the World• In English • En Español
2016 Indoor Air, Plants, and Mold
The Great Indoors—Your Home’s EcosystemIn EnglishEn Español
2015 AtmosphereClimate Science—More Than Just A Weather Report• In English • En Español
2014 WaterThe Wonders of WaterIn EnglishEn Español
2013 Air, Soil, Recycling, and WaterOur Earth: Handle with CareIn English • En Español • Em Português
2012 RecyclingRethinking the 3 R’s: It’s Easy to be GreenIn EnglishEn Español
2011 EnergyEnergy—It’s EverywhereIn EnglishEn Español
2010 Plants and SoilPlants—The Green MachinesIn EnglishEn Español
2009 AirAir—The Sky’s the LimitIn EnglishEn Español
2008 WaterStreaming ChemistryIn English
2007 RecyclingRecycling—Chemistry CanIn English
2006 Plants and SoilDig ItIn English

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