Inquiry in Action: Investigating Matter Through Inquiry, 3rd ed.

A Science Teaching Guide for Grades 3-5

What causes certain substances to dissolve in water? Why do some liquids bead up on wax paper while others spread out? These questions and many more are explored in Inquiry in Action, a 470-page resource of guided, inquiry-based activities that covers basic chemistry concepts along with the process of scientific investigation.

Teaching resources include:

  • Strategic questioning
  • Demonstrations
  • Detailed procedures for experiments
  • Student activity sheets
  • Assessments

Students learn how to:

  • Ask and investigate scientific questions
  • Design experiments
  • Record observations and draw conclusions
  • Communicate findings

Companion Website

The Inquiry in Action companion website features all activities from the book, key science background information, and animations that model what is happening on the molecular level.

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