Support Materials

Chemistry, the ACS textbook for college science majors and advanced high school chemistry courses, includes essential auxiliary components to help students with understanding and reasoning and to guide faculty instruction.

Chemistry Support Materials

The Chemistry companion website no longer exists, since the text has been discontinued. Contact Emily (Bones) Abbott, Textbook Manager, at to request available supporting materials. Keep reading for what this includes.

Student Resources

• Animated Tutorials • Personal Tutor • Personal Tutor Diagnostic • Interactive Periodic Table • Printable Periodic Table and Fundamental Constants • Interactive Exercises • Molecular Animations • Molecular Database • Textbook Images

Faculty Resources

• Faculty Resource and Organizational Guide (FROG) • Test Results (with images) • Personal Tutor • Answers to personal tutor • Labs • PowerPoint slides • Worksheets • Textbook Chapters • Textbook images • Custom Publishing

Faculty Resource and Organizational Guide (FROG)

The Faculty Resource and Organizational Guide (FROG) is a resource to help educators complete “Investigate This” activities featured in the text. FROG also offers suggestions for alternatives, tips on how to use the activity in class discussion, pictures, and typical results. Extensive solutions (not just answers) to "Consider This" activities, "Check This" activities, and end-of-chapter problems are included.

FROG and all illustrations in Chemistry can be provided upon request and used in presentations.

Molecular Model Kit

The Molecular Model Kit aids students with modeling activities emphasized in the text. The kit is also useful for students taking organic and biochemistry courses.


Prepared PowerPoints, which guide students through the concepts addressed in each chapter, are available upon request. The slides include additional problems worked out step-by-step, enhanced images with explanations of concepts on the atomic level, as well as additional explanations of topics.

Additional Resources

Once upon a time, there was a full-fledged website that supported the text. However, because the last publications was more than a decade ago, the publisher discontinued hosting the site. Here at ACS, we have access to a number of learning tools that Freeman offered. If you are looking for something specific that isn't listed on this page, please contact Emily Bones, Textbook Manager, at