Graduate Student Organizations (GSOs)

The Graduate Student Organizations (GSOs) are communities for graduate students who are interested in networking, career preparation, outreach, and professional development.

ACS invites graduate students and existing GSOs in chemical science departments across the country to help shape this program. ACS envisions this as a joint initiative where mutual learning would take place.

Who can participate

Graduate students in the chemical sciences who are interested in affiliating their current GSO with ACS or chartering an ACS GSO at their institution are encouraged to fill out the sign-up form linked above. Once completed, we will reach out to you with the next steps. 

How to get involved

ACS is searching for motivated volunteers to participate in this program. This is your chance to help shape the Graduate Student Organizations program for the broader chemical science community. Before you sign up, be sure that you have at least six (6) graduate students who are motivated and interested in getting involved and that you have identified a faculty member who will serve as your adviser.

  1. Identify colleagues interested in being a part of your department's ACS GSO. You must have at least 6 graduate students who are in your department, are interested, and are ACS members at the Premium package level. 
    • Graduate students who join ACS as a member will always receive the Premium package of benefits.
  2. Identify a faculty advisor who is an ACS member at the Premium package level in good standing.
  3. Draft bylaws based on the template above.
  4. Complete the signup formed linked above.

Expand your network and enrich your graduate school experience.

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A variety of grants are available to future and chartered ACS GSOs. Learn more about these grants.

  • ACS Student Communities Starter Grant supports the creation of a Graduate Student Organization. Apply for the $300 grant before submitting a charter application. 
  • ACS Student Communities DEIR Grant is to help GSOs advance the ACS Core Value of Deiversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect (DEIR). You may request up to $750.
  • ACS Student Communities Engagement Grant is for up to $1,000 that can be used towards outreach events, group engagement, career and professional development, or group growth. 
  • ACS Student Communities Professional Meeting Grant encourages students to attend a conference by covering associated costs like registration, lodging, and/or transportation. Your group can request up to $200 for a virtual conference, $500 for an in-country meeting, and $2,000 for an out-of-country conference.
*As the ACS GSO Program grows, requirements are subject to change.

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