bees and honeycomb
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Check out these links to see what the buzz is about as you explore the science of bees. Look for bees in your area and snap their photo (and learn why you should). Dance like a bee. Make an instrument to buzz like a bee. Read about what they already do for our environment and what other benefits they might provide in the future.

  • The Honey Files: A Bee's Life
    This teaching guide is packed with information and activities that will fill students in on bees’ biology, society, home, and more.
  • Dances with Bees
    Think about how you communicate with a friend. Text? Social media? What about a waggle dance? Learn about bee communication as you re-enact it yourself.
  • Africanized Honey Bees on the Move
    You’ll be as busy as a bee combing through these lesson plans, specialized for different grade levels, K–12.

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  • Help Bees by Snapping Their Bums
    In the U.K.? Download this free app, find a bee, and get cracking. Help scientists collect data in this citizen science project.
  • ZomBEE Watch
    Become a zomBEE hunter. Are there honeybees parasitized by zombie flies in your area? Find out!
  • Buzz Like a Bee
    Grab some office supplies and put together this spinning instrument that will have you buzzing like a bee.

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  • The Chemistry of Honey
    Forgot about that jar of honey way back in the cupboard? Don’t worry, you’ve still got about 3,000 years or so… Learn why honey tends not to spoil.
  • Beautiful, Intimate Portraits of Bees
    Talk about up close and personal. Check out these these detailed photographs of bees native to North America.
  • A Bug's Life
    They call it “bee-utiful music.” Find out how field recordings of rare bees inspired a musician.
  • Inside the Wonderful World of Bee Cognition
    It’s like a mid-term exam for bees. See what researchers uncovered about how bees learn.

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