Books, Movies, and Chemistry

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Learning about chemistry doesn’t have to involve a textbook. Check out these book and movie recommendations that blend chemistry with fiction and non-fiction. Are they accurate? How do they portray science and those who study it?

  • Books to Read
    We pin. You read. Check out ACS ChemClub’s Pinterest board, filled with science-themed books.
  • Institute of Making
    Author Mark Miodownik shows the science behind the world's stuff in his book Stuff Matters. This online collection houses even more examples.
  • Stuff Matters Excerpt
    Get a peek at the intro and first chapter of Miodownik's book.
  • Stuff Matters in Chem13 News
    Find out why chemistry teachers should read this book and share it with their students.
  • Stuff Matters Review
    Get a small taste of the materials and chemistry you'll find in Miodownik's book
  • The Disappearing Spoon Podcast
    Author Sam Kean tells forgotten stories from the past that have a science twist.
  • The Story of Periodicity
    Dive into The Disappearing Spoon from both English and Chemistry class points of view.

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