Climate Science

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What’s the weather report for the day? The season? The year? The century? Climate science brings together information and interactions in a big way—atmosphere, oceans, land, people—it’s all around us. Learn more with these links, from greenhouse gases, to the ozone layer, to the exhaust from your car, to what special satellites can tell us about climate, and more.

Celebrating Chemistry: Climate Science
See what Meg A. Mole and the rest of the Earth Day team have to share this year. Lots of fun activities for elementary students here!

  • UV Bead Bracelet
    Science meets fashion with this ultraviolet bead jewelry. Wear it, then use it for an experiment!
  • Meet Me in the Mesosphere
    Where do you want to meet up this afternoon? How about the mesosphere? It’s a great place for atmospheric investigations.
  • Do-It-Yourself Weathervane
    Tools for observing the weather go “old school.” Put together this weathervane to show wind direction with office supplies.
  • Cool It!
    Can this homemade refrigerator keep your soda cool? Find out as you explore evaporative cooling.

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  • Making Sense of Atmospheric Dust
    Did you know that storms can carry dust particles all the way around the globe? Vicki Grassian paints a picture of atmospheric chemistry and the role particulate matter plays in the environment in this video. 
  • AirNow
    Is your room clean? What about your air? Check out the air quality forecast for your area and see how it might affect your health.
  • Hope for the Future
    Can students make a difference? Yes, they can! Read about how these two shared climate science.
  • Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network
    Teachers take note! Huge collection of reviewed climate resources for all levels here!