windmills above the clouds

Power up with this collection of links to learn more about energy, its chemistry, and its relation to your life. See how a chocolate bar can tell you about the energy of microwaves. Light up a bulb using materials from grocery and pet stores. Eat a delivery pizza, then build an oven with what’s left.

Experiments & Activities

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  • NOVA Energy Lab (PBS)
    Analyze data, then design a renewable energy system for your city of the future.
  • Heat—Energy Extraordinaire! (pdf)
    See what speedy molecules can do in this bubbly activity.
  • Solar Oven S'mores (Steve Spangler)
    Cook up some s'mores—no fire required, just an empty pizza box.
  • Dietary Calories (ChemEdX)
    Get students to think about the energy they ingest. Where in the ingredients label do the calories come from?
  • Energy Balance (pdf)
    Analyze what you eat and do with this three-day energy tracker.
  • Annual Radiation Dose Calculator (NRF)
    Radiation—what's your number? Calculate your annual dose, from things you can avoid to things you can't.


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