Halloween Chemistry

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Learning chemistry doesn’t have to be scary. Well, except on Halloween! Pick your favorite link and celebrate October 31st with some spooky science! Look for creepy chemistry categories like dry ice, body parts, costumes, pumpkins, and food.

  • Halloween Chemistry Costumes
    It’s a chemistry Halloween masquerade. Can you identify the elements and compounds represented by these costumes?
  • Chemistry Costumes
    Can’t think of a thing to wear to the Halloween party? Try one of these creative (and cheap!) chemistry-themed costumes.
  • Periodic Table Costumes
    This could be one of the easiest chemistry Halloween costumes ever. Choose your symbol, grab a cardboard box, and personalize it to your element.
  • Science Geek Halloween Costumes
    Do it yourself and dress it up for Halloween—science style.

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  • Dry Ice Crystal Ball Bubble
    In my dry ice crystal ball I see… lots of great chemistry for your Halloween celebration this year!
  • Halloween Dry Ice Secrets
    Nothing says Halloween like an eerie stream of “smoke” from a cauldron. This link promises “ooze” and ahhhs with these demos.
  • Singing Spoon
    Singing? If it’s Halloween, some might say screaming. Listen up and you decide.
  • Spooky Halloween Drink
    This bubbling brew can quench your Halloween night thirst.

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  • Laundry Detergent Glowing Skull
    Your neighbors will be sure to admire your decorating skills when you create a glowing skull for your sidewalk or window.
  • Bag of Blood
    Stab a bag of “blood” without spilling a drop in this super easy Halloween twist on a classic demo.
  • Fake Blood Recipe
    Need to whip up a bowl or two of fake blood for the big Halloween night? Try these tips, and don’t be afraid to experiment!
  • The Chemistry of Blood
    What makes your blood, blood? This chemistry really gets under your skin.
  • Frankenstein's Hand
    Frankenstein called and can’t make it to the party. He’s sending his hand instead. An acid–base reaction makes it come alive.
  • Halloween Mystery Box Game
    Feels like… brains! Try this creepy but fun way to hone your observational skills, without peeking in the box.
  • Zombie Brain Fluffy Slime
    It’s so fluffy! Try this slime recipe in a brain-shaped mold.
  • Creepy Gelatin Heart
    This Halloween heart is ready for some oozy experimentation.

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  • Molecules from the Crypt
    Ah, the sweet smell of putrescine and cadaverine, ready for Halloween. Learn more about these compounds produced in decaying animals.
  • Halloween Chemistry Demonstrations
    A collection of ideas for sharing some spooky science.
  • Genie in a Bottle
    Rub the bottle and ask this chemistry genie to come out and give you a wish for Halloween.
  • Giant Smoke Rings
    Send out these super-size smoke rings at your Halloween gathering.
  • A Halloween Story
    Riddle me this… How can I combine a mysterious riddle with great chemistry demos? This story might be your answer.
  • Static-Powered Dancing Ghost
    This ghost wants to dance but needs your help—your balloon’s help, that is.
  • Spooky Diving Ghost
    Put the pressure on this ghost to make it sink, then float up to the top once again.
  • Flying Tea Bag Ghosts
    What does it take to get this ghost to float away?
  • Ghost Rockets
    These ghosts are powered with Alka Seltzer. Make them fly!
  • Creepy Density
    Layer these substances, then float some creepy bits in between. 

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