Periodic Table

How often do you study elements in chemistry class? Only periodically?

Want to learn more about this centerpiece of chemistry? Take your pick from this collection of links about elements and the periodic table! Build an element ball, solve periodic puzzles, and check out some of the most unusual periodic tables you’ve ever seen.

Stay connected with events during 2019’s International Year of the Periodic Table with information at the IYPT home page and the ACS IYPT page.

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  • Periodic Table Costumes
    Don’t just study an element—become one! Choose your symbol, grab a cardboard box, and personalize it.
  • Cereal Box Periodic Table
    How would you organize a collection of cereals? Where would your favorite fit?
  • Paint Chip Lab
    A perfect periodic organization activity awaits—at the hardware store. Make your case for your arrangement of colored paint chip samples.
  • Periodic People
    You’ve found a family of secret agents. Use their characteristics to sketch the missing agent.
  • Periodic Plates
    Create a vanity license plate. There’s just one hitch—only element symbols are allowed.
  • Periodic Table Project
    Connect the idea of periodicity to your life. What items will you choose to categorize?
  • Periodic Pasta Table
    Choose an atomic property, then make a spaghetti-fied 3D model to see the trends across the periodic table.

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