Valentines Day Chemistry

Love is in the air. Why not celebrate chemistry-style? Visit following websites to make a science valentine, create a borax crystal heart, or learn a valentine demo to share with your sweetheart.

Valentine Day Lab (student handout)
Valentine Day Lab (instructor notes)

Make your Valentine message magic, bloody, expensive, pretty, or go out with BANG!”

Attar of Roses
In this lab based on a procedure used in industry, students attempt to isolate the compounds that make up the fragrance of a rose using rose petals.

Chemistry Valentines
Create valentines with chemistry-related sayings and poems.

Scientific Test Tube Valentines
Make valentines with a science twist using plastic soda bottle preforms.

Goldenrod Valentines
Make color changing valentines using goldenrod paper and household ammonia.

Colored Flowers
This classic capillary action experiment allows you to create colored flowers, as water with food coloring is drawn up the stem of a flower into its petals.

Borax Crystal Heart
Observe how crystals form on a pipecleaner heart supersaturated in borax.

Eat Chocolate in the Name of Science
This easy experiment will test your senses! See how the taste of chocolate changes when frozen.

Ionic Bonding Speed Dating Activity
Find the perfect partner to “bond” with in this speed-dating (Free registration required before downloadin).

Making Bath Fizzies for Valentine's Day
Have fun with making bath fizzies!

The Vanishing Valentine
Watch a Valentine-themed demo that uses the oxidation and reduction of resazurin to turn a colorless solution pink. The solution returns to colorless as it sits undisturbed.

Valentine’s Day Color Change
Here’s another color change experiment with a pink solution ntaining phenolphthalein, water, and ammonia. Find out how it changes to colorless solution when heated and then returns to pink when cooled due to a shift in equilibrium.

Nothing Says Valentine’s Day Like Marie Curie
This American Chemical Society Chemical & Engineering News blog post describes valentine gifts such as scientist-themed valentine cards and atomic emission spectra necklaces and scarves.

Chemistry Valentine Lines
Find out the top chemistry Valentine’s Day lines.

Chocolate: Facts, History, and Factory Tour
Learn the history of chocolate and how it is made. Experiment on tempering chocolate is included.

Chemistry of Chocolate & Roses
Learn about the chemistry of chocolate and roses.

Chemically Perfect Perfume
Get the scoop on how perfume is created.

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