Water and Chemistry


Water, water, everywhere... Visit these links to explore the wonders of water and dive into its chemistry. Put together a stream team, imagine life if you couldn’t drink water from your own tap, make a mini ocean model, and more.  

Chemists Celebrate Earth Week
Start here! There’s plenty of ways to get involved with the fun of Earth Week—an illustrated poem contest, hands-on activities, and more.

  • All the Water in the World
    This demo packs a visual punch to show the breakdown of water in the world. More activities take the study of water further.
  • Acid Rain Investigations
    Color changes tell the story in this small-scale exploration of acid rain concepts.
  • Ocean Acidification in a Cup
    It’s an ocean mini-model. What will happen to the water when the air above it changes?
  • Shell Shifts
    If seashells are in the water, how can changes in the air affect them? Learn how in this demo.
  • Convection Detection
    It rises, then falls. And rises, then falls. And… these swirls and currents of color are hypnotizing.

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  • Obscure Chemical Taints Water Supply
    The governor just told you to stop drinking water from your tap. Learn why it happened in early 2014 in West Virginia.
  • Water Chemists
    What does a water chemist do? Where do they spend their days? How much school do they need? Find out here.
  • Salt Harvesting
    Seawater can make your food taste better. Learn how the water gets removed and leaves behind gourmet-style salt.
  • More on Dehydrated Water
    For a little chemistry humor, take a look at this discussion of dehydrated water—available in pill form and in cans. Just add water…