Winter Sports and Snow

Downhill Skiing
Oleksandr Pyrohov | Pixabay

Snow and ice can provide a playground for winter sports as well as give us the beauty of a winter wonderland. Learn about the science of both of these areas, from what makes the “best” ice for skating, the chemicals that give us a smooth trip down the slopes, the science of snowflakes, and more.

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  • Frozen Bubbles
    Too cold to go outside? Not if you want to create these below freezing bubbles.
  • What Causes Ice to Be Slippery?
    Ice can be a hotly debated topic! Look at theories of why ice is such a slippery substance.
  • The Shapes of Snowflakes
    There’s more behind these cool crystals than you realize!
  • Live Snowflake Feed
    No snow in your area? Enjoy a snowfall virtually and learn how the project helps with making accurate weather models.
  • Ice Spikes
    These “strange things you can find in your freezer” aren’t forgotten leftovers or mystery meat. Learn about these bits of strange science.

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