Community Activities Grant Recipients

2011-2012 Grant Award Recipients

  • Ardrey Kell High School
    “Chemistry Demonstrations for Elementary School”
  • Arlington High School
    “Water Wise Guys”
  • Auburndale High School
    “Green Energy” — Auburndale High School ACS ChemClub members will be sharing the wonders of solar power with children at the Auburndale Public Library during Chemistry Day in April 2012. Children of all ages will be able to explore solar-powered toys and gadgets while ChemClub members extol the virtues of Green Technology and provide simple explanations of the chemistry involved in this process. Club members will design and distribute age-level informational brochures and coloring pages about this topic to children visiting the library on that day.
  • Downingtown East High School
    “Science Buddies”
  • East Syracuse-Minoa High School
    “Food Chemistry is the Spice of Life”
  • George Washington High School
    “Community School Visits”
  • Grosse Pointe North High School
    “Chemistry Demonstration” — Grosse Pointe North's ChemClub presented chemistry demonstrations alongside University of Detroit's ChemClub during National Chemistry Week. Gross Pointe North's ChemClub presented at a local library and plans to continue chemistry outreach activities in the community.
  • Hall High School
    “Chem4Kids” — The Chem Club for Hall High School is called Chem 4 Kids.  We meet regularly after school and students develop hands-on chemistry lessons.  We then go to local elementary schools during the school day to teach kindergarten, first and second grade students about Chemistry.  This has been a very rewarding experience for both high school and elementary students. This grant will help pay for supplies and transportation.
  • Hollis Brookline High School
    “Halftime Show”
  • John Hardin High School
    “ChemClub High School and Elementary Mentorship” — John Hardin High School’s ChemClub plans on collaborating with the local elementary school adjacent to the high school. ChemClub members will visit elementary classrooms and lead fun and educational chemical demonstration and activities. After the ChemClub has visited these classrooms a few times, we will have one Saturday at our high school for a day of fun and educational chemistry activities for the students and families to attend.
  • Lakeland High School
    “Chemistry in Art: Materials and Processes” — During our project Lakeland High School ChemClub students will explore the chemistry of the materials and processes used in the creation of art.  We have both a traditional high school and an arts school on our campus. This project will involve ChemClub members and sponsors, art teachers from the two schools on our campus, Florida Southern College-ACS Student Chapter, LHS Art & Photography Clubs and elementary children at the local science museum. ChemClub members will benefit from exploring real world connections in the art world to the chemistry they are learning.
  • Lakeville South High School
    “Lakeville South Spectacular Science Show” — On Friday, December 2, Lakeville South High School (LSHS) science students will perform a science demonstration show for all ages. Join the LSHS Advanced Placement Chemistry Students as they share the extraordinary science of thermodynamics, kinetics, acid and bases, vacuums and high pressure. Bring the whole family and enjoy an evening of rainbow liquids, vortex cannons, frothing bubbles, colorful flames and luminescent solutions.
  • Lane Tech College Prep High School
    “Mass Does Matter”
  • Lenape High School
    “Science Fun 4 Families” — In March of 2012, the Lenape High School ChemClub will sponsor a 4th Grade Family Science Night at our high school. The 70 students enrolled in our ChemClub will prepare and present a science activity to a group of 4th grade students and their families (parents/guardians/siblings). There will be approximately 6 activities that the students will rotate through throughout the course of the evening. Upon completion of each activity, the 4th grade students will have their science "passport" stamped. Once they receive all 6 stamps, they can submit their passport into a raffle for a chance to win a science-related prize. The ChemClub students will benefit by learning how to prepare a science activity, present it, and organize a large scale community event. Serving the community by providing opportunities to explore the exciting world of chemistry is a huge reward for them. We are hoping for about 300-400 people in attendance.
  • Maine East High School
    “Student-led Demos at Chicago Area Locales”
  • Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy
    “Chemistry Day”
  • Otselic Valley Jr-Sr High School
    “The Chemistry of Hydroponics” — The Chemistry of Hydroponics is a project which will pair ChemClub members and university mentors together to study the chemical aspects of hydroponic gardening. The ChemClub members are high school juniors and seniors, and the mentors are chemistry majors at a regional university. Via video link, the mentors will guide the members through experiments centered around pH and dissolved ion concentration effects within the school’s hydroponics garden. The student researchers will share their project with classes in younger grades, the intent being that the younger students will become further intrigued by chemistry, and will pursue their interests into the future.
  • Pacifica High School
    “The Amazing World of Chemistry”
  • Palmer High School
    “Creating Chemical Curiosity-Taking Chemistry to the Community”
  • Pompano Beach High School
    “After School Elementary Chemistry Activities”
  • Rutherford High School
    “Hurray for Science Day” — The ChemClub of Rutherford High School will take an active role in the Science Day for the children at our feeder elementary school, grades 1-5.  The ChemClub members will engage with the elementary students through a variety of chemistry demonstrations and hands-on activities.  The project will also promote reading along with science for the first grade students.
  • South Pike High School
    “Chemistry is a Fun Day”
  • University High School of Indiana
    “Sharing Chemistry Connected to NCW with St. Richard’s Students”
  • Upper Dauphin Area High School
    “Community Science Literacy Night”
  • Valley Central High School
    “Manya: A Visit with Madame Curie”
  • Van Alstyne High School
    “ChemClub Demonstration for Middle School” — The Van Alstyne ChemClub will be performing several different chemistry demonstrations for our middle school students to excite and introduce them to the world of chemistry.  We are hoping to build a foundation for future chemists.
  • Visitation Academy
    “Starting a Composting Program” — Visitation Academy will start a composting program to reduce waste and to promote understanding of composting. The compost will be used in the Visitation Academy Community Garden, from which the produce is donated to food banks.