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ACS Fall 2023

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Hybrid event
Aug 13 - 17, 2023

The theme of ACS Fall 2023 is "Harnessing the Power of Data".

The meeting will explore how scientists can harness the power of data by covering pure and applied topics such as:

  • Chemical and biological data generation, curation, and access
  • Theoretical and algorithmic developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • The use of data in machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

We seek symposia proposals to all aspects of chemistry including:

  • Structural biology
  • Synthesis, design and planning
  • Drug design (docking, screening, ADME/Tox prediction, etc.)
  • Molecular ensemble generation
  • Design of quantum mechanics-derived molecular potentials
  • Applications in “omics" fields (e.g., genomics, metabolomics, etc.)
  • Materials design, etc.

ACS Fall 2023 will feature thousands of research papers, career development courses, student and teacher programming and many opportunities for networking!

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