Nomination Committees

The ACS National Awards Program process is supported by two types of committees that assist the Society in selecting outstanding chemical professionals for each award: Canvassing Committees and Selection Committees.

Canvassing Committees

The canvassing committee identifies potential new nominees and arranges for their nomination.   

  • An award should have a canvassing committee if for two successive years it had eight or fewer total nominees.
  • The canvassing committee is assigned at the next cycle until it remains above eight nominees for at least two successive years.
  • Prior to the annual solicitation of nominations, canvassing committee members are approved by the ACS National Awards Advisory Board and appointed to each of the canvassing committees for a term of three award cycles by the ACS Board Chair.
  • Service on a canvassing committee in no way renders the committee member ineligible to nominate or to be nominated for the award.

Selection Committees

Selection Committees are chemical professionals appointed to the committee to determine the recipient for each national award.

  • Members of the committee must me members of the Society.
  • Each selection committee consist of five appointed members, each of whom serves for three award cycles, with the exception of the Roger Adams Award consist of seven members.
  • Selection Committee members are approved by the ACS National Awards Advisory Board and appointed by the ACS Board Chair.
  • The names of the award selection committee members are confidential.
  • Selection committee members of each award committee may not submit a nomination, provide a letter of support for a nomination, or be a nominee for a national award for which they are serving as a member.
  • Selection committee members may submit other nominations or support letters for awards in which they are not serving as a member.
  • The recipients of the Charles Lathrop Parsons Award, Volunteer Service Award and the Priestley Medal are selected by members of the ACS Board Committee on Professional & Member Relations (P&MR) and the Board of Directors.