Date posted: Nov 15, 2022

BioXFEL Undergraduate Internships Summer 2023 (Multiple Locations)

BioXFEL | United State of America (USA)

Opportunity Type: Full-time, Internships

Current Program: Bachelor's, Associate

Topics: Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computational Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Sciences

Sector: Academia

Compensation: Paid

Remote Position: Yes

Opportunity Description:

BioXFEL is a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center (STC) that focuses on promoting and advancing the study of biological molecules using X-ray Free Electron Lasers (XFELs). BioXFEL offers summer research internships to highly qualified undergraduate and post-graduate students with backgrounds in physics, chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics, computer science, and related fields. Students will be given hands-on training in XFEL-related laboratory techniques. The internship also includes a scientific communications workshop, educational seminars and social activities, and students will present their research results to the group.

How to Apply?

Check the BioXFEL website for more information and apply on their application portal.

Program Dates:

Summer 2023


February 17, 2023

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