Date posted: Jan 13, 2023

Scientist - Analytical Development

Bristol Myers Squibb Co | New Brunswick, New Jersey, United State of America (USA)

Opportunity Type: Full-time

Current Program: Master's, Doctorate

Topics: Pharmaceuticals

Sector: Industry

Compensation: Paid

Remote Position: No

Opportunity Description:

This Analytical Development role will be responsible for developing effective collaborations within Chemical Process Development (CPD) project teams consisting of organic chemists, chemical engineers, and analytical scientists to support of an increasingly complex portfolio of small molecules and milla-molecular (ADCs, peptides, oligonucleotides) drug candidates. •Accountable for providing fit-for-purpose analytical methods and analyses which provide key insights and process knowledge for scale-up and process optimization studies for projects within the portfolio. •Accountable for collaborating within project teams to provide innovative analytical approaches to help solve challenging problems encountered to support route selection and process optimization studies conducted by chemists and chemical engineers. •Accountable for developing and transferring methods to other analytical release functions to support the timely release of clinical API batches. •Partners with other Analytical Functions within CPD, and across Product Development to evolve, integrate and optimize analytical support to create a world-class analytical function. •Successful candidates expected to grow and advance to become either analytical leaders or technical leads for projects within the CPD portfolio. Specific accountabilities and responsibilities include the following: •Responsible for willingly and enthusiastically working at the bench to solve analytical challenges encountered within pharmaceutical development. Can be relied upon to work independently to develop and validate methods, as well as investigate and apply innovative separation techniques such as 2DLC or CE. Seeks opportunities to publish/present work externally. •Accountable for identifying opportunities and/or implementing solutions to improve monitoring of continuous manufacturing processes, and increasingly applying automation to improve efficiency, productivity, quality or reduce costs. •Responsible for actively collaborating with other Key Scientists within the team. Expected to consistently display a can-do attitude and demonstrate the willingness and capability to adapt and grow within a complex and changing environment. •Responsible for working with leadership to develop self, share best practices, work effectively to solve pharmaceutical development problems, and continuously learn and improve. Expected to demonstrate capability to advance upon the technical ladder or become an effective analytical lead within project teams. Qualifications/Requirements: •Ph.D. or Masters in analytical or organic chemistry is required. Practical experience directly relevant to the role is critical to success and minimum degree requirements change relative to experience. •Experience with chromatographic and/or spectroscopic techniques preferred. •Experience in working across matrixed teams highly desirable. •Demonstrated commitment to safety. •Excellent interpersonal, collaborative, team building, and communication skills to ensure effective collaborations within matrix teams. Demonstrated performance against cooperation principles and enterprise mindset.

How to Apply?

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April 30, 2023

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Address: 1 Squibb Dr. Postal Code: 08901