Date posted: Mar 28, 2023

Post-doctoral Fellowship

University of Rhode Island | Kingston, Rhode Island, United State of America (USA)

Opportunity Type: Full-time, Postdoctoral Experiences

Current Program: Postdoctorate, Doctorate

Topics: Organic Chemistry, Materials, Chemical Engineering, Computational Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Sciences

Sector: Academia

Compensation: Paid

Remote Position: No

Opportunity Description:

The Energetic Materials group at URI is active in chemical analysis as well as detonation science. Post-doctoral fellows and graduate students may participate in both or either as their experience and interest presents. We are particularly in need of someone with interest or experience in LC-MS as we have two Orbitraps, a triple quad, and a TOF MS as well as an IRMS. Our interest is not restricted to explosives. The lab maintains DEA as well as ATF licenses. Salaries are competitive;post-doctoral fellowships are set by NIH guidelines.

How to Apply?

Please email your resume or CV to Dr. Jimmie Oxley at if you are interested in the position. A phone call and zoom-type interview will be arranged if the hiring manager wants to move forward in the interview process.

Program Dates:



June 30, 2023

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Address: Chemistry Dept, 140 Flagg Rd, Kingston, RI Postal Code: 02881

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