ACS/ SQM Collaboration Alliance

Elements of the current ACS/SQM partnership include:

  • Continue cooperation and expansion of the Spanish Webinar series promoting and showcasing scientific innovation in Mexico and Latin America in general;
  • Cooperation and development of joint virtual and/or physical outreach activities and programming, furthering the popularization of Chemistry and the role that Chemistry plays in people’s daily lives, sustainable development, innovation and/or addressing global challenges;
  • Continue collaboration for scientific contribution to and promotion of the regional scientific meetings such as CLAQ, ABCChem (meeting of the Atlantic Basin chemical societies);
  • Collaboration on professional development and soft-skill training for young chemistry professionals and/or High School Chemistry teachers, in areas related to innovation and leadership;
  • Invitations to senior leaders of ACS and SQM leadership to attend and participate in our respective national meetings and congresses where cooperative activities will be evaluated and refined;
  • Participate and enforce the educational activities in the “Festival de la Química” during the Mexican Chemical annual Congresses.

Past accomplishments include:

  • Collaboration between the American Chemical Society and the Mexican Chemical Society in order to produce a total of four new webinars in 2016.
  • Joint ACS/ SQM “Festival de la Química” during the Mexican Chemical annual Congresses.

About SQM

The Chemical Society of Mexico (SQM) is a national organization founded on March 16, 1956 and incorporated on August 27 the same year. Since its founding, the SQM has brought together professionals and students from the chemical sciences as well as those interested in the development and strengthening of Chemistry in Mexico, both from industry and academia. SQM will continue to work to realize the efforts and dreams of its founding fathers: to make chemistry a strong science for the good of the country and society as a whole.