Hungary Chapter

The Hungary ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapter began operations in 2002. ACS-HC is a premier non-profit scientific body facilitating the interaction among industry and academic professionals in chemistry and related fields in Hungary and Europe. ACS-HC promotes dissemination of chemistry and associated fields to facilitate interfacing between the public and academia / industry; provides forums to address challenges in chemistry and related fields and utilizes the experience and networks of the chapter members coming from industry, academia, and regulatory bodies.

Chapter Accomplishments

  1. Continued the Horvath Memorial Lectureship presentation organization
  2. ACS-HU held a special session at the National Conference of Chemists in Hungary.
  3. Acted as supporting organization for the following international conferences: IMRET 2014, MSB 2014.
  4. Jointly organized a special Chemistry Week together with the Hungarian Chemical Society to popularize chemistry.
  5. The Chapter members participated at the Night of Researchers program in Hungary during the fall of 2014.
  6. Participated at the Hungarian Chemistry Conference by a poster award that ACS-HU has established three years ago.
  7. Prepared a Regulatory Conference agenda and solicited financial aid from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the IAC of ACS. 

Chapter Activities

This chapter organizes ACS courses, workshops, and conferences in Hungary in order to promote the chemistry within the scientific community and to the general public.

This chapter works in collaboration with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to put together the annual “Day of Chemistry” including lectures and the presentation of an “Enabling Chemistry Award.” Recipients of this award are selected by an expert panel chosen by the chapter.

Annual Reports

Chapter Officers

Dr. Csaba Janaky

Dr. Ferenc Darvas