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Shanghai International Chemical Sciences Chapter was established in 2011 by a group of oversea returnees from US. The group aims to serve the community by building a chemistry network in Shanghai and Yantze river delta (Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui Province). The primary goals for the chapter are connecting the people, education and making chemistry fun. The chapter is featured with strong industry connection from both pharmaceutical R&D centers and CROs.


1. Co-organized the 9th International Symposium for Chinese Medicinal Chemist with Chinese Pharmaceutical Association in Shengyang, China. ACS Shanghai Chapter contributed to the organization of the key session “Novel Approaches to the Treatment of Diabetes” of the ISCMC to present the frontier of drug discovery and development for treating diabetes.

2. Initiated and led local ACS meeting in partnership with Corey Institute of Biomedical Research. The first event was held from October 16-17th under the theme "Major challenges and opportunities in the discovery of new medicines for infectious and oncologic diseases". 

3. Hosted the chemistry fun festival in collaboration with Fudan University. The fun festival brought chemistry related education to kids in the local community with lots of fun. 

4. Conducted the inagural Chemistry Olympiad Local test and National test in Shanghai. The test was held in partnership with Shanghai American School.

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Email: Dr. Yanli Feng

Chapter Officers

Dr. Yanli Feng – Chair

Dr. Jia Tang – Secretary

Dr. Quan Zhou - Past Chair

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