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Formulators’ Roundtable

Representing many industry leaders, the ACS GCI Formulators’ Roundtable is a driving force for the use of green chemistry to create sustainable cleaning and personal care products that are safer for consumers to use. Established in 2007 as a partnership between ACS Green Chemistry Institute® and the formulated products industry, the Roundtable works throughout the supply chain, from supplier to certifier, to develop and use greener alternatives and scientifically sound standards.

  • Mission & Strategic Priorities


    To be a driving force in the formulated products industry to use Green Chemistry in creating innovative products that are environmentally sustainable throughout their product life cycle and safer to make and use.

    Strategic Priorities

    • Promote transparency and consistency through a set of green chemistry principles for formulated products.
      The Roundtable recognizes the importance of establishing a unified voice on the principles of an environmentally preferable product for clarity and credibility across all stakeholder groups. The Roundtable will work collaboratively to establish these principles.
    • Drive good science in the development of environmentally preferred products standard/ certification.
      The Roundtable recognizes the importance that "good science" is used in decision making and ensuring technical rigor in influencing environmentally preferred products certification and/or standard development. Leverage the independent position of ACS GCI to gain recognition that the ACS GCI Formulators’ Roundtable be a resource to standard-setting bodies. Collaborate with global stakeholders, including governments and other organizations, to support harmonization in standard setting with an emphasis on continuous improvement that resonates with consumer expectations.
    • Inform and influence suppliers and academia to develop greener alternatives.
      The Roundtable acknowledges its position to generate an aggregate demand for greener alternatives to currently used raw materials. The Roundtable will develop collaborations and/or funding opportunities to engage the suppliers, academia, and the larger scientific community in this endeavor to identify greener materials. Focus will be on identifying greener alternatives for commodity types of raw materials and will avoid any proprietary ingredients.
    • Be recognized leaders in green chemistry.
      Proactively influence green chemistry related debate with regulators, non-government organizations, customers, and consumers. Influence suppliers, regulators, retailers and academic research. Establish recognized leadership for driving green chemistry. Use our collective learning to promote green chemistry.
    • Incorporate risk-based decision making into green chemistry.
      The Roundtable seeks to expand the current use of hazard assessments in determination of "greenness" to incorporate risk-based decision-making and the precautionary principle when appropriate. The level of technical rigor used in sustainability assessments should be related to the quantity and quality of chemical information available. The Roundtable encourages the development and improved access to data to support decision making on products and ingredients. This may be accomplished by, but is not limited to, the development of tools, funding research, collaborating with suppliers, supporting curriculum development, etc.
  • Membership

    Member companies who are part of the ACS GCI Formulators’ Roundtable are dedicated to identifying and developing opportunities for greening the formulations of many common household products. By working together, the Roundtable provides leadership and influences the industry throughout the supply chain. 

    The ACS GCI Formulators’ Roundtable invites all corporations, subsidiaries, and divisions, meeting the eligibility requirements to consider joining. Companies are encouraged to join if they are committed to the integration of green chemistry into the formulation of soap, detergents and cleaning preparations and/or perfumes, cosmetics, and other toilet preparations. Prospective members are encouraged to attend a Roundtable meeting.

    The ACS GCI Formulators’ Roundtable welcomes the active participation of member companies meeting the description below. Companies pledge their support and contribute to the Roundtable by making available their knowledge and experience as well as providing financial support. Members participate in meetings and work with committees to direct and develop resources to meet the objectives of the Roundtable. At least one in-person meeting is scheduled per year. Each member company may designate employees to participate in the Roundtable. Diversity in expertise provides an opportunity to address the green chemistry needs of the formulated industry from a wider perspective.

    Membership Eligibility

    Any corporation, or subsidiary, division or unit thereof, significantly engaged in the formulation of soap, detergents and cleaning preparations and/or perfumes, cosmetics, and other toilet preparations under his or its own brand names. This includes all corporations identifying with SIC Industry Group 284, and chemical manufacturers directly supplying those companies.

    Membership Fees

    Annual membership fees range from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on company sales.

  • Publications

    The ACS GCI Formulators’ Roundtable reaches out to the broader industry through papers, reports and conferences. The Roundtable’s publications include:

    • Opportunities for Greener Alternatives in Chemical Formulations, Philip G. Jessop, Faraz Ahmadpour, Michael A. Buczynski, Tom J. Burns, Newton B. Green, Rebecca S. Korwin, David Long, Suhail K. Massad, Julie B. Manley, Navid Omidbakhsh, Richard Pearl, Schubert Pereira, Robert A. Predale, Phil G. Sliva, Herb Vanderbilt, Stan Weller and Martin H. Wolf, Green Chem., February 23, 2015 (web), DOI: 10.1039/C4GC02261K
      • Presentations

        Members of the ACS GCI Formulators’ Roundtable share their thought leadership and strategies at scientific conferences and industry seminars. Below are a selection of past presentations:

        • Press


        Member Companies

        Amway Flotek Johnson and Johnson Novozymespgrmc State Seventh Generation Johnson

        ACS GCI's Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference

        The 28th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference will be held June 3-5, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia, with the theme AI-Generated Green Chemistry.