Roadmap Visioning Workshop

This workshop will take place September 18, 2015, and green chemistry representatives with a wide range of experience will both establish a vision for green chemistry education and outline the materials needed to see that vision through.

The visioning workshop participants will generate a shared vision, a timeline for achieving key milestones, and a consensus report on the workshop outcomes proposing how to proceed with the project. Because the aim of this project is to be transparent and community-driven, feedback on this document will be invited through surveys and report review periods.

Expected Outcomes

Plenary presentations will set the stage for a series of four discussion sessions and, by providing background and contextual information, help participants to understand the diverse needs and points of view of the represented stakeholder groups.

The discussion sessions are expected to:


  • A clear, shared purpose for the roadmap
  • Common goals
  • Timeline for goals to be achieved


  • Set the focus and scope of the roadmap
  • What the success of the roadmap project looks like 


After the workshop, the following will be prepared:

  • Report summarizing workshop outcomes 
  • Plan for the roadmapping workshop and next steps 
    • Define why the roadmapping workshop is needed
    • Address the following:
      • What parts of the community need to be engaged/represented
      • What will be needed?
      • What questions/issues should be addressed? 
      • What are the expected outcomes for the roadmapping workshop?

Community Engagement 

As part of the effort to ensure that this is a transparent, community-driven process the workshops will be in conjunction with opportunities to provide feedback. Outcomes of a community-wide survey of chemical educators and a comment period on the report generated by the visioning workshop will be used in the planning of the roadmapping workshop. 

The Visioning Workshop will be comprised of experts and key stakeholders from industry and academia to reflect a wide variety of perspectives and interests. These chemists and engineers will meet on September 18, 2015 to define the focus, scope and next steps in charting a roadmap for green chemistry education.

To find out more about the individuals participating in the September workshop, click here.