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Updates to ACS Strategic Plan

Industry Matters Newsletter
H. N. Cheng
H. N. Cheng

The new year begins as the previous year ended: under challenging circumstances. 

However, 2021 brings hope for better times ahead. With that in mind, the ACS Board of Directors approved some important changes to the ACS Strategic Plan that will strengthen the Society’s commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive chemistry enterprise, something that is important and essential to continued growth and innovation of the chemistry enterprise.

The ACS Board voted to modify our existing core value of “Diversity, Inclusion and Respect” to include Equity. 

The revised core value, “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Respect” (DEIR), better captures our belief in diversity in all its forms. In order to meet the global challenges facing us today and advance chemistry, we need to be more inclusive and respectful of people of all backgrounds, perspectives, experiences and ideas.

This important update ensures that we will work to promote equity in the chemistry enterprise. The ACS Board also voted to adopt a new goal for the ACS Strategic Plan. “Goal 5: Embrace and Advance Inclusion in Chemistry” aims to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and respect; identify and dismantle barriers to success; and create a welcoming and supportive environment so that all ACS members, employees and volunteers can thrive.

ACS President H. N. Cheng encourages you to take some time to review both the revised DEIR core value and the new Goal 5 posted here; and he hopes you will share his commitment to work toward achieving the ACS vision: “Improving all people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry.

Learn more about him and his presidential priorities by reading his C&EN interview here that appeared in the January 4 issue of the magazine. As the article notes, he is looking forward to collaborating with all of you to benefit chemistry and enhance its growth. What role will you play in shaping the future of chemistry? If you have ideas or thoughts that you would like to share with him, please reach out to him anytime at If you have questions about the new strategic plan, please email

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