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Kick off your in-person or virtual meeting experience on Sunday with the Plenary Session. Then join us on Monday and Tuesday for the Kavli Foundation Lecture Series. Full abstracts are available in the meeting program.

Registrants are invited to build their itinerary by logging into the meeting program in the virtual platform.  

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ACS is pleased to present our keynote speakers. These experts come from an incredibly diverse range of professional and subject matter backgrounds, reflecting the many ways chemists can contribute to a more sustainable world.

Plenary Session

Harnessing the Power of Data

Sunday, August 13 | 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM PT Room 24/25, South Bldg. 
(Moscone Center)

All events are listed in Pacific Time (PT)

We are inundated by data in the chemical sciences. Given its vastness, it is hard to access the data and extract insights without the use of advanced data storage, mining and analysis tools. The future impact of data in chemistry depends on how we meet these contemporary challenges. This session brings together experts from academia and industry to highlight current advances in data storage, retrieval and use as well as how data will be used to advance the chemical enterprise in the future. 

Professor Jeremy Frey

Will AI Win a Chemistry Nobel Prize and Replace Us?

Prof. Jeremy Frey
Computational Systems Chemistry, School of Chemistry
University of Southampton

Professor John Jumper

Expanding the Role of Machine Learning in Chemistry

Dr. John Jumper
Google DeepMind
London, London, United Kingdom

Professor Heather Kulik

What Artificial Intelligence Can Do to Accelerate Chemical Discovery 

Prof. Heather Kulik
Department of Chemical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The Kavli Lecture Series

Supported by The Kavli Foundation

All events are listed in Pacific Time (PT).

The Kavli Foundation Emerging Leader in Chemistry Lecture

August 14 | 5:00 – 6:00 PM PT
Room 24/25, South Bldg. (Moscone Center)

Data science and quantum computing opens the door to the investigation of chemical phenomena not yet possible with today's techniques. Currently, simulation of many aspects of molecular processes with traditional computational approaches face the “curse of dimensionality” – as the molecular system size increases the computational cost grows exponentially, which limits the systems that can be studied today. The lecture will describe data compression techniques on classical computers that enable highly multidimensional exact quantum dynamics methods in chemistry and that surmount the curse of dimensionality. 

Professor Micheline Soley

Role of Quantum Computing and Data Compression in Chemistry

Prof. Micheline Soley
Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Fred Kavli Innovations in Chemistry Lecture

August 15 | 5:00 – 6:00 PM PT
Room 24/25, South Bldg. (Moscone Center)

In this presentation inorganic clusters as a new platform of electronic materials will be described. We can employ the materials to bridge the performance gap between solution and vapor sourced thin films thereby opening alternative deposition strategies. The materials have also extended the limits of small-scale patterning and transformed lithography in semiconductor manufacturing. The presentation will integrate discovery, innovation, and commercialization and comment on a major gap in how the academic research community translates scientific research for societal benefit.

Professor Douglas Keszler

How a Materials Discovery Becomes an Innovation

Prof. Douglas Keszler
University Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Oregon State University



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