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  • What is SciMeetings?

    The official repository for ACS Meetings & Expositions, SciMeetings hosts abstracts from all ACS Meetings, dating back to 2010 – a comprehensive library of fascinating research across all of chemistry, to inspire and motivate you.

    By adding SciMeetings to your ACS Fall 2023 registration, you:

    • Increase the visibility of your poster/presentation – it can be read by people globally
    • Extend the longevity of your poster/presentation – it will be available beyond the meeting
    • Reach more readers, and expand the impact of your work
    • Receive a citable DOI for your poster/presentation – this can be added to your CV as recognition of your work
    • Boost your poster or presentation by adding additional supporting information alongside your abstract to showcase your work

    Register for ACS Fall 2023 and add SciMeetings to your registration.

Presenter Registration

  • I submitted an abstract for inclusion in an ACS Meeting. What now?

    Your presenter abstract(s) will automatically appear in SciMeetings as the official meeting archive and repository for ACS Meetings & Expositions. You do not need to take any further action.

  • I completed my registration and did not select to pay for SciMeetings but have changed my mind. Can I still pay for my poster(s) and/or presentation(s) to appear on SciMeetings?

    Yes. You can visit the Registration Resource Center to add SciMeetings to your registration per abstract. 

  • I have more than one poster or presentation that I would like uploaded to SciMeetings. How do I add the SciMeetings fee for more than one presentation?

    A selection box will appear during the registration process to add SciMeetings to individual abstracts. Be sure the add a check to the abstracts you wish to purchase for SciMeetings inclusion.

  • I paid the $45 student; $60 premium member; or $90 basic/standard member/non-member fee for my poster(s) and/or presentation(s) to appear on SciMeetings. What Now?

    Your payment will be recorded, and you will receive an email invitation per abstract after the meeting with a link to upload your poster and/or presentation onto the SciMeetings platform. The email and reminders will ask you (the purchaser) to log in and consent to the terms & conditions, upload your poster and/or presentation file, and upload any additional supplemental files (datasets, audio, video, etc.). You will have approximately one month to complete this process. Posters and presentations on SciMeetings will become available to the public shortly after the meeting closes.

  • When will I receive a DOI and CC BY-NC-ND license?

    Once you complete the SciMeetings login process and accept the terms and conditions, you will receive your DOI in 5-7 business days. The purchasing author will receive this information by email. Please share the DOI with your co-authors. You can also find the DOI on the platform when available, by selecting Copy DOI. 

  • Will my submission be reviewed by SciMeetings?

    If you are presenting at an ACS Meeting, you will be invited to submit your poster and/or presentation directly on the SciMeetings platform once you complete the SciMeetings sign-up as part of your registration process. No additional review will be needed as the conference organizers would have already completed the review during abstract submission.

    The cost for inclusion on SciMeetings for ACS Meetings & Expositions depends on the meeting organizers and will be available on those meeting websites when appropriate.

  • Does posting on SciMeetings count as a prior publication when I publish my work later?

    The Editors-in-Chief of ACS journals have agreed that inclusion of posters and presentations on SciMeetings is comparable with posting on a preprint server, and as such does not constituent prior publication. As with preprints, we recommend that you inform the Editors about conference materials posted on SciMeetings and their relationship to your submitted manuscript in the cover letter.

    If you plan to submit your work to a non-ACS journal at a later time, you should verify with the Publisher and/or Editor that inclusion of your conference material on SciMeetings is acceptable. 

Technical Questions

  • Why are PDFs the only file type accepted for posters and presentations?

    The Portal Document Format (PDF) is a universally accepted format for document display independent of application software, hardware, and operating system. This is the best way to ensure your poster and/or presentation is presented exactly as you crafted it, whether viewed on a monitor, tablet, or mobile device. PDFs also facilitate download and offline viewing of your work. While the primary poster or presentation must be in PDF format, supporting materials can be uploaded in the native file format.

  • What types of metadata or supporting files can be uploaded and how are they viewable on SciMeetings?

    SciMeetings accepts posters or presentations in PDF format. Title, author, affiliation, keywords, and abstract are captured and viewable on SciMeetings.

    Additional files may be uploaded as supporting information. The following file formats are supported, with a  maximum file size of 1 GB each: images (jpg, png, bmp), audio (mp3), video (mp4), data (csv, xls), or PDF.

  • How do I add my photo and affiliation on SciMeetings?

    Log in to SciMeetings with your ACS ID, click on your name in the upper right corner, then select “Profile”, click “Upload File” under the avatar placeholder to add your profile photo.

    To edit your affiliation, please contact

  • Can my co-authors be added to the conference materials?

    Co-authors are automatically added to your conference materials when submitting your poster and/or presentation.

  • Is a video required for submission?

    We strongly encourage presenters to record a video discussing the research findings in your poster and/or presentation. 

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