The Premium Package

Continue to Enjoy the Full Range of Benefits from ACS

The Premium Package gives you full access to all that the ACS Community has to offer. If you're a current ACS Member, this package offers identical benefits to what you enjoy today with realigned pricing.

Regular Members   $160

Society Affiliates   $160

Graduate Students   $55

Undergraduate Students   $25

Retired Members   $80
(30-year member, fully retired from full-time professional employment)

Emeritus Members   $0
(35-year member, over 70 years old and fully retired from full time professional employment)

Your Premium Package includes:

  • Up to a 40% discount on ACS Meetings & Events registration fees
  • Weekly delivery of the ACS Matters newsletter and Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) (See FAQs for details about C&EN delivery)
  • Access to ACS Career Navigator™ resources
  • Quarterly delivery of Discovery Reports and archive access
  • Dues waived for your first year in up to three Technical Divisions and enrollment in your Local Section or International Chemical Sciences Chapter (Some restrictions apply)
  • 50 free accesses annually across over one million articles and book chapters
  • SciFinder®—25 free activities through CAS
  • Annual gift in select membership years
  • Access to the ACS Webinars® Library
  • And more!