The Standard Package

New for 2022

Stay Active in ACS and Save

The Standard Package is ideal if you want to remain active in the Society but do not attend many events or need wider access to ACS Publications. As part of this package, you will still be able to tap into many of ACS’ most popular benefits.

This package is only available to existing members or prospective members that have a degree, certification, or significant work history in the chemical or related STEM sciences, or with a certification as a teacher of a chemical science.

Regular Members $80


Your Standard Package includes:

  • Weekly delivery of the digital C&EN Magazine and access to our mobile app
  • Weekly delivery of the ACS Matters newsletter
  • Access to ACS Career Navigator™ resources
  • Quarterly delivery of Discovery Reports and archive access
  • Annual gift in select membership years
  • Dues waived for your first year in up to three Technical Divisions and enrollment in your Local Section or International Chemical Sciences Chapter (Some restrictions apply)