Encouraging US-Cuban Scientific Collaboration

A conversation with Cuban dignitaries on how new scientific and educational collaborations could lead to a renewal of U.S.- Cuban relations.

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Throughout history, the pursuit of science has fostered working relationships across national borders and ideologies. As barriers to Cuban-U.S. exchanges ease, a panel of Cuban and U.S. scientific, education, and diplomatic leaders discuss the possibilities opened by recent agreements between Havana and Washington. Panelists explore what scientists and academics on both sides stand to gain from collaborations and removing barriers to cooperation.

Bibiana Campos Seijo, Chemical & Engineering News

Luis Echegoyen, University of Texas at El Paso
Kathleen Larmett, National Council of University Research Administrators
Luis Alberto Montero-Cabrera, Cuban Chemical Society
Carlos Rodríguez-Castellanos, Cuban Academy of Sciences
Vaughan Turekian, U.S. Department of State
Dionisio Zaldivar-Silva, University of Havana

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