Congressional Recess District Visits

Visit your law makers when they come home for the summer recesses

Law makers usually return to their districts during the August recess. Meet with your elected official (or a staff member) to discuss the importance of science in your district and the need for strong and sustained federal support for R&D.

1. Contact ACS 2. Schedule a Meeting 3. Prepare 4. Meet 5. Follow up
Email us about your meeting.
Tell us your name and contact information, and the office you want to visit.
Best if date coincides with legislator break. Federal holidays and the month of August are often good times, as Congress is in recess. Find your lawmakers contact information.
Search for your Senators and Representative. Their websites should list contact information for their district office or offices.
Fax a request letter.
Fill out and print our sample request letter .
Follow up with a call.
If you don’t hear back in a few days or promised to call in your fax, call the Washington office and request a meeting.
Sample script:
“I understand that Congress is in recess the week of ___, and would like to schedule a meeting with the Senator at his/her district office during that week. I plan to discuss federal funding for scientific research & innovation.”
See Tips for a Successful Meeting for talking points and a how-to video . Research the background material and your member. Plan a way to tell staff the story of your work & research, emphasizing support from federal funding. Meet other participants 20-30 minutes early to organize. Keep the Tips for a Successful Meeting in mind. Email a thank-you to the staff you met. Report your visit to us. . Share this in your local section newsletter or website.