Lab Tours

Invite legislators to tour your laboratory or workplace. This activity can help showcase the chemical research and production taking place in their district.

This may be the hardest program to arrange. It will involve coordination with university or corporation government affairs office.


  1. Decide on a format for the visit
  • Provide forum for legislator to speak: Panel, Round table discussion, etc.
  • Think about other avenues for presenting research: Poster session, Graduate student and undergraduate student interaction.
  1. Set a date
  • Start with a flexible date in mind.
  • Best if date coincides with legislator break.
    OPA can help with this, or check online.
  1. Invite the Legislator
  • Send, via fax, a meeting request letter.
    Summarize Who, What, When & Where. | Sample Invitation Letter
  • Follow-up with phone call to district office.
  • You will most likely need to resend letter.

For assistance, please email Kathryn Verona